Catalyse teams

A team might be tasked to work together, but that doesn’t mean it just works.

It takes exceptional communication, strong leadership, and a clear understanding of the team’s purpose. Not to mention careful management of the complicated dynamics that exist between people with different needs, ambitions and skills.

Turmeric brings together strategic, operational, and technical content, so you can solidify and enthuse your teams – and inspire them to get results.

We’ll make sharp interventions to group dynamics and bring about more purposeful collaboration. This enables individuals to pause, reframe, act, and accelerate delivery in a constructive relationship with their peers.


A bespoke approach built around


Business Context

What function does a team serve? Which outcomes are the team accountable for? How does agreed purpose foster collaboration?

We’ll help you recognise your common purpose as well as the roles of each individual within the team – enabling you to build a defined plan that takes current reality, strategic intent, and constraints into account.


Management Science

How can leaders understand the individuals within a team and the complex way they interact day-to-day? What is the role of power?

We’ll draw on relevant management theory to give you strategies for assessing and strengthening team performance.


Behavioural Psychology

What are the underlying causes of behaviours? How does presence within a team affect our thinking and decision-making processes?

We’ll explore the desires, goals, and attitudes of your team – and challenge them to think differently for conducive team dynamics.

Client case study

Propelling a new team with a forming purpose

A diverse department bringing together people from several different business functions was created to establish a retail presence in a product-oriented business. Turmeric was engaged to coach the leader of this function in forming and developing the team. Desired outcomes of this support included building relationships between team members and bringing together a group of different specialisms to explore the role of retail and create a strategy.

Very different team members came with their own unique perspectives, strengths and developmental needs. One was equipped with outstanding knowledge, but lacked the confidence to communicate or be a leader in his own technical field. Another was stepping into new seniority, but had yet to earn the confidence of her peers in this role.

One was very self-assured and needed more outward humility and relationship management skill. Another one hired from a retail business, with significant experience, had far too much self-doubt and concern about how to influence around the value of retail as a channel in given the business model.

Turmeric helped by:

  • Considering the unique nature of this cross-functional team
  • Creating a controlled environment where people could talk safely about the difficulties of establishing something different in the business
  • Using psychometrics to improve personal understanding of peers and the team’s leader who, at best, was appreciated for his passion. At worst, the leader was experienced as fairly dominant
  • Establishing a common purpose that drew on each individual’s functional contributions and the insights they generated as a team

As a result, the team could work with a better understanding of each member, significantly enhancing the credibility, influence and reputation of the team and its members. This enabled the team to effectively demonstrate the role of retail in the short and longer term.

“I’ve worked with some really good strategic people and I’ve worked with some really good coaches, I’m not sure that I’ve worked with anyone that has managed to balance the two so well. She is better than anyone I’ve ever worked with at linking your personal needs with a mindfulness of your delivery.” Multi-channel Business Director, sports apparel business

“Samreen makes you think. If you’ve got a question or statement, she pulls it apart until she understands and can see where you’re coming from and what you’re really trying to say.”

Global Retail Marketing Manager, sports apparel business

We work with your people:



Our coaching supports and challenges peoples’ emotional landscapes and business context – a thinking partnership that offers new perspective while remaining closely relevant to your business context and organisational goals.


in teams

Our interventions help you bring members of your teams together for frank, open discussions in a uniquely safe, honest, and impartial environment – the ideal forum to address obstacles to progress.


at a functional level

Our expertise becomes your expertise, with guided development on management theory and practices for organisational learning, better performance and profitable growth.


on an organisational scale

Our experience makes us invaluable advisors to your organisation, helping you to articulate, plan, do and reflect on what brings the most valuable outcomes to your organisation as a whole.

Let’s talk about catalysing and inspiring your teams.